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Content Workflow Solutions

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Content Workflow Solutions

Thomson Digital's technological advancements are considered an industry benchmark.

From processing of raw content to final delivery of the product, we have developed technology and automation solutions that integrate authoring, reviewing, editing, formatting, and multi-channel delivery.

Our domain expertise enables us to flexibly amalgamate publishing requirements with technology. We provide a plethora of processing solutions to leading publishers all over the world for their journal, book, and e-publishing requirements.

Some of our most successful projects include:

TD-XPS: This is a powerful tool that can enable just one highly skilled team member to see a project through from start to finish.

Thomson Digital has deployed its proprietary digital publishing suite, known as TD-XPS, with its customers for rapid publication of journals, books, and conference proceedings.

TD-XPS is a web-based platform that capitalizes on the concept of One Person/One Project (or 1P/1P), which helps increase productivity, maximize workforce elasticity, and reduce workforce costs. In this web-based platform, a high degree of automation captures the granular essence of most steps in the process such that the workflow requires very little manual intervention. It allows for building and managing a robust production process that integrates authoring, reviewing, editing, formatting, and multi-channel product delivery from the same content source. With TD-XPS, the production cycle time gets reduced to near real-time production. Hence, we have been able to reduce the production turnaround time (TAT) for our existing customers, to the extent of 50% or more.

Customized Content Management Solutions can be built on a highly flexible, robust, scalable, open source Business Process Management (BPM) system to develop configurable workflows customized to the requirements of the end user. Basic Features include:

  • Authoring and editing tool
  • XML editor
  • Composition/layout platform
  • Support for Math Editor, search engines, PubMed, etc.
  • Data storage and security
  • Agile configuration
  • Integration with third-party CMS
  • Version and document management

Our vast array of processing solutions empowers publishers to achieve better productivity.

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